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Original Air Date: Apr 6, 2017

Virtual Translation App

Augmented reality apps like Pokeman Go that superimpose info on your smartphone screen are all the rage these days.

One of my favs incorporates augmented reality for real-time translation of words in foreign languages, which is great restaurant menus, street signs and especially signs in museums.

Anyone traveling abroad, knows that key words can make all the difference in whether you get lost or not or eat something undesirable.

A real time translation app called CamDictionary is one of my favorites because it is much quicker than looking words up the old fashioned way.

You just open the app, line up your camera on a word and tap your screen to get an instant translation in one of 54 languages.

It turns your smartphone camera into a virtual dictionary that can translate any word you point at.

CamDictionary won't translate complete sentences at once, so it’s no where near a complete translator, but when you can understand a word or two, you tend to feel more confident.

The basic app is free for Android and iPhone users, so anyone planning a trip to a foreign country should get this app loaded before they leave.

I’ve posted the links at