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Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2017

Crowdsourcing Business Consultants

Crowdsourcing is a terrific method of getting things accomplished ranging from developing a new logo to building a web site to getting admin tasks done through a virtual assistant.

Add to that the hiring a business consultant through a website called

Large expensive consulting firms are financially out-of-reach for small businesses or when it's a small project, which is the niche HourlyNerd is trying to fill.

Their aim is to match businesses with industry professionals and MBAs that can assist with just about any challenge.

As with many other crowd-sourcing resources, consultants bid for your tasks, which help to keep the costs much more competitive.

Whether you need a helping hand with a business plan, creating a marketing strategy, developing financial projections or any custom project, HourlyNerd offers consultants on an as-need basis.

The site's consultants are mostly current & former MBA students from over fifty colleges from around the globe, so it’s a truly diverse workforce competing for your business.

Checkout case studies & learn more at