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Original Air Date: May 8, 2017

Lock That Screen!

That smartphone in your hand has substantially more processing power than the entire group at NASA had for the 1969 lunar landing.

Your phone also holds virtually every private thought
& a large amount of sensitive information that you wouldn't want just anyone to see.

For whatever reason, many don’t think of their smartphones the same way they do their computers, but it's essentially the same thing when it comes to your sensitive personal information.

That may be why so many of people still have not taken the simple step in protecting all your valuable info by turning on the lock screen.

A common reason that many don’t turn it one is that don’t want to be bothered with tapping in a lock code every time you want to use the phone, but you should know that the alternative is scary.

The likelihood of you losing a phone or having it stolen is very real, so take a second to protect your phone right now.

All the other powerful security features built into your phone are useless if you don’t take the time to lock the front door!