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Original Air Date: May 30, 2017

Awesome Android Alarm App

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Many of you wake up to the rising sun without needing an alarm clock to wake you while lots of you may struggle even with multiple alarms.

If you are on the struggle side and have yet to find the right alarm solution, look into the Mimicker Alarm app.

What makes this alarm app different is that it will require you to ‘mimic’ a task in order to prove you’re wide awake.

You get to choose between repeating facial gestures by taking a selfie, capturing a specific color by snapping a picture of something or repeating a bit of a tongue twister that the app will listen to to determine if you are really awake.

Let’s face it, tapping the snooze button never requires much in the way of thinking, which is why so many of us have not been successful with it. This app will require you to actually process info and act on it accordingly.

The free Mimicker app is only available for Android smartphones; if you know someone who tends to constantly over-sleep, have them checkout this app!