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Original Air Date: May 15, 2013

How To Stop A Hacker Series Part 3

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In part 3 of our weeklong series to avoid getting hacked, did you know your smartphone holds the key for hackers? And it’s the quickest way for them to take over your life.

It's time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

Your home is loaded with a bunch of valuables, high end TV’s, Jewelry, lots of computers... would you leave the door wide open?

Duhhh! Of course not!

OK time for a quick test. Grab your smartphone right now and wake it up. Can you access your stuff without entering a password? Then your door is wide open.

If a bad guy got your phone, it would take him no time to find out what bank you bank with via the app you most likely use, request a password reset through your email, which he has in his hand, and well... you can figure out the rest of the story.

Manufacturers give you the ability to password protect your smartphones for a reason. They are just like your desktop or laptop computer. Full of valuable information, and incredibly easy to access.

Finally, for you Android users that swipe a pattern to unlock your device... hold it up to the light and look at the screen. If a hacker found it, they’d be able to retrace your swipe in an instant.

Tomorrow, Microsoft has finally done it and you should too. Securing your safety with the 2-step.

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