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Original Air Date: Jul 10, 2017

Turn on Gmail Shortcuts!

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Internet based email options are awesome because you are no longer tied to a specific computer or device to get your email.

Google’s Gmail is still my favorite system and if you are like me and use it virtually every day, you should get up to speed on the keyboard shortcuts which can make it even better.

Shortcuts eliminate the need to move your hands off your keyboard which allows you to be more efficient.

Most of the truly helpful shortcuts start with the letter G as in Gmail followed by a another character.

For example, typing G then A will let you see all mail,.

Typing G then D allows you to jump to your Draft messages.

Typing G then C will get you straight to your contacts.

If you use the option for Starred messages, typing G then S will show them and if you type G then T as in senT, you’ll jump to your sent messages.

There are more than 60 shortcuts that can dramatically reduce your dependence on your mouse to get the job done.

To learn more about Gmail shortcuts, checkout the link that I’ve posted at