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Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2017

Package Opening Trick

If you’ve ever injured yourself trying to open those irritating plastic packages that seem to be on everything these days, today’s tip is for you.

Smaller more expensive items seem to use those sealed clamshell containers made of hard plastic that are nearly impossible to open. More and more everyday items such as light bulbs are being entombed in the nightmare packaging.

They are popular in retail because they can help fight theft and makes it easier to hang on displays.

It is such a universal irritation that there is even a wikipedia page focusing on 'wrap rage'.

Most people use scissors or a sharp knife to get into the package, which can get pretty dangerous as your frustration grows.

Even when you do get it open, it will usually result in little nicks and scrapes from the resulting sharp edges after it’s cut.

Well, there is a much better and much safer way to open them: just use a can opener.

It will take a lot less strength to get through that thick plastic with a can opener along the edges of the package and it is a lot safer.