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Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2017

Transcribing Made Easy

If you are ever the one stuck with the task of transcribing a recording, voice message, interview or any sort of spoken word sound file, it can be an inefficient process.

You will need to use multiple tools on your screen and bounce between them to start/stop the audio in order to have the time to properly capture all of the words.

There's a much better way to get the job done by using a simple utility, whether it's a regular task or a once in a while need.

The website is called and it is really simple to use.

You simply upload your audio file via their web interface and suddendly, everything to complete the job will appear in one place.

They have a simple word processor which also has controls for the audio file built-in to the tool with basic keyboard controls for all your commands.

When you need to slow down or even speed up the playback to match your typing speed, it's no sweat.

Starting and stoping the playback won't require you to reach for your mouse; you can simply tap the Escape key.

This web resource is certainly bookmark worthy -