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Original Air Date: Nov 6, 2017

Install Another Browser

With all the time we typically spend on the Internet these days, hackers and cybertheives are always creating new ways to exploit us.

Because your web browser is how you see most of everything on the Internet, most of the hacker exploits focus on exploting all browsers.

It's also not so unusual to have various issues with your browser either, so this tip is a specific troubleshooting process when they do pop up.

Making sure you have at least two different browsers on all your devices will allow you to track down Internet related issues more successfully.

Whenever you are experiencing an Internet access problem, immediately switch to your other browser to see if the problem stays or goes away. If it goes away, you will know to focus on your primary browser, like clearing the cache or running a complete malware and virus scan.

If changing browsers doesn't help then your problem is much more likely to be with either your computer, modem or router, which you should reset together.

Trying to fix the wrong side of the equation can be bypassed when you use this simple troubleshooting procedure first.