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Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2017

Who's Texting or Calling?

SMS or "text messaging” is now the go to communication method for just about all of us because of its ease and efficiency in having multiple conversations throughout the day.

But as with all technology, the “flies" gather where the “honey" is…aka, spammers & scammers are stepping up their attempts to trick users using text messages.

Another problem with text messaging is often times, you just don’t know who senders are because they aren’t in your address book.

Anyone looking for a solid way to manage both situations should try a free app called Truecaller.

The Truecaller community is made up of over 100 million users that collectively report scams and spam to help automatically block junk messages.

The app also uses the community to help identify who might be texting you when they aren’t already in your address book, so you can avoid the ‘who is this’? reply.

It’s far from perfect, but if your want some help with this growing problem, I’ve posted the link at