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Original Air Date: May 30, 2013

What Is Email Bankruptcy

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Once in awhile, we all get behind. Some of us get so far behind that we need a fresh start.

While it's hard enough to stay on top of the plethora of emails you get every day, if you fall a couple of days behind, it can be nearly impossible to catch up. You could have hundreds of messages in your inbox that haven't even been read.

If you’ve become submerged under a pile of email in your inbox, the only way out may be to declare email bankruptcy. That means deleting everything in your inbox. Just like financial bankruptcy, email bankruptcy involves writing off the losses and starting over.

The most tactful way of declaring email bankruptcy is to send a message to people you care about explaining that you have filed email bankruptcy and they need to resend any message they are waiting on a response from.

If you do this in a group message, make sure you put all the addresses in the BCC section, that’s Blind Carbon Copy so you don't expose all those email adresses.

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