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Original Air Date: Dec 1, 2017

Don't Throw Away Electronics!

The likelihood that you will end up with some electronic devices this holiday season is pretty high, which usually means you will end up with older tech that you no longer want.

Keep in mind that anything with a power button or that plugs into the wall or uses rechargeable batteries will contain a lot of toxic waste, so please don’t ever throw your old electronics in the trash.

To be responsible, start by checking with your local charities for programs that reuse old electronics. Just because you don't want it anymore doesn’t mean that someone else can't make use of it.

If it is too old, then responsible recycling through a proper e-waste recycler is what you need to do.

All those gadgets contain toxins that range from arsenic to lead to mercury along with a list of other toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our landfills & groundwater when you just toss them in the trash.

In the US alone, 75% of the more than three million tons of toxic electronic-waste we generate is simply thrown in the trash, which ends up contaminating our landfills because of the lack of awareness of the problem.

Please ensure that you do your part this year by properly disposing of all your electronics and help the world by educating your friends to follow suit!