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Original Air Date: Jun 5, 2013

Clutch | A One Stop Shopping App

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There are shopping apps for nearly every store these days, from big box to mom and pops... but now theres an app that aims to be the ONLY one you’ll need.

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

When it’s time to shop, lots of us go right to our smartphones. Ordering items on a mobile device however, isn’t always an easy process.

Many of us research extensively online for the best price they can find, then go buy the item from another place and pay for it using an app or a credit card, that’s a bunch of steps just to buy a pair of undies.

There’s an app called Clutch that hopes to eliminate the need for multiple shopping apps, and give you one app that takes care of everything you need to complete a purchase.

The Clutch app is available for both iPhone and Android and it works pretty much like any other online retailer.

The app has a Shopping Feed where users can “window shop” for items on sale, and its recommendation engine highlights items it thinks you’ll really like.

Shoppers can create a collection of items they're interested in, as well as follow the collections of their friends.

Once you find something you like, Clutch has a built-in price comparer to help you find the best price.

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