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Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2018

Smartphone App Warning

Your smartphone has been relatively safe as it pertains to malicious apps as long as you make sure to download apps from your associated app store and don't jailbreak or root your device.

Jailbreaking iPhones or rooting Android smartphones essentially sidesteps the security built into the device by the manufacturer and should be done only by tech savvy owners.

A fairly new type of scam is actually changing these protection processes by loading malicious apps on your smartphone, even when you have not bypassed the factory protection.

In most cases, it begins with well-crafted e-mail and sometimes even text messages with an accompanying link to an app that can be downloaded.

When the link is clicked or tapped on, it can allow the download to occur automatically, which will exploit your phone in a whole new way.

This underscores the importance of my constant advice: If you didn’t seek it out, don’t install it!

The bad guys are constantly creating persuasive dispatches that can look like they are from your trusted friends because of hacked accounts, so be on the alert.

A defense against potentially dangerous apps is available through a free security app called Lookout at