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Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2018

Email Sending Times

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Despite email’s tendency to be an inefficient and even dangerous form of communication, it’s still the primary method for most everyone in business. 

If you’re not getting timely responses or responses at all to your business related messages, there’s a possibility that when you’re sending them may be contributing.

A marketing firm called Yesware took the time to analyze 500 million messages and what they discovered was that response rates appear to be higher on weekends. This may be because weekend messages don't have to compete with nearly as many messages as they would typically on any weekday. 

They’re also suggesting that messages sent between 6 & 7am or later in the night around 8pm will get higher response rates. 

You can easily test out these theories by learning how to set your messages to go out on a time schedule. Virtually every popular e-mail program has this ability or can be added through plug-ins so you can send your messages at a potentially better time.

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