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Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2018

Printing to a PDF File

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When Windows 10 was released, it became the fastest growing new operating system with over 75 million users within the first month of its release. 

That means Windows 10 had a 5% market share in just one month while the total market share for the Mac is only 7.5%. 

If you have Windows 10, there is a helpful feature that you may not know about called ‘print to PDF’ which will appear in your printer options. 

A real world use for this new option could be whenever you want to send someone a portion of a spreadsheet or document that they can open it without having the same programs. 

For example, with either a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, you have the option of selecting what you want to send and printing it using the print PDF option, which will create a file that can be easily sent. 

It’s a lot quicker then having to scan and send your documents. 

Those running an older version of Windows can add this feature using this free utility: