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Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2013

Lignten the Load in Your Wallet

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It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip

If you’re like most consumers, your wallet has become a bulging behemoth! Credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, insurance cards and the worst part is, you rarely use any of them.

If you’re ready to lighten the load, take a look at the Lemon Wallet app! It’s a quick way to securely store digital copies of all your cards right on your smartphone.

Getting started is a snap, because it uses your camera to scan the cards, asks you to verify all the info and then adds it to your secured account.

Lemon Wallet’s scanning capabilities extends to your paper receipts as well, so you can keep them digitized and organized...great for you road warriors with expense accounts!

Most people are frightened of having id and credit card info stored on their smartphones, but if you think about it, it’s actually a lot more secure than your wallet!

If you want to extend the services to include balance and transaction info of your bank cards and a time saving lost wallet service, its only 5 bucks per month!

The app itself is free and works on iPhone, Android and Windows Phones, so what are you waiting for???

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