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Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2018

International Offline Maps

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Google Maps is an obvious go-to when you're connected to the Internet and a lot less useful when you aren’t.

If you happen to know where you are going to be and you know it won't have access, you can in advance download offline maps, but that doesn't help if you don't.

If you know you'll be in this situation frequently, the '' app will allow you to have offline maps for entire countries or regions which will provide detailed info when you're not able to get online.

As with all mapping apps, it provides basic directions from your location to the destination of your choice without any type of signal.

It's an excellent electronic version of those old-school paper maps without dealing with the ‘get it folded back properly’ problem.

With over 300 countries and islands available in the app, it’s a really helpful app for any international travelers.

It different from Google Maps functionality, so be sure to play with it before you get to your destination.

The free app works with Android and iPhone handsets, so check it out at: