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Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2018

Selfie Tune Up App

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We all have various selfie obsessed mates that are always holding their arm out to take a selfie or it’s possible that you’re that person. 

In any case, if taking selfies is a regular exercise, it makes sense to put your best face on it which can be done with the Facetune app. 

Facetune provides simple tools to make adjustments to any selfie; they say ‘don’t wait for the perfect shot, when you can Facetune it’. 

The app lets you do everything from whiten your teeth to removing blemishes to getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes and allows you to improve your smile with the reshaping tool. 

It also provides a defocus option which can make your selfie look like it was taken with a professional camera!. 

Let’s face it, anyone that is self-obsessed with taking selfies allay will enjoy the ability to touch up their images as well. 

Reworking your image isn’t just be for celebrities, so anyone committed to the awesome selfies should checkout the Facetune app for iPhone, iPad or Android.