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Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2013

Your Google Cloud Just Got Bigger

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The Race in the Cloud continues and your cloud mays just have grown.

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip

Google+, Drive, and Gmail users... get ready to have your storage space tripled! Google announced that your storage capacity will jump from 5GB to 15GB! That’s HUGE!

And if you’re a business paying for Google Apps, you’ll see your space increased to 30GB!

In case you don’t understand just how big this is... let’s look at other free online-storage groups. Ever heard of Dropbox? Dropbox lets you start storing files, photos, etc for free at 2GB... you’re paying moo-la after that.

The Apple iCloud allows for 5GB of storage for free, and the highest - before Google - was Microsoft SkyDrive at 7GB of storage space. Google is more than doubling that at 15GB. Your documents, your files, pictures, e-mails and video will live comfortably in your Google account.

If you’ve been running up against the storage limits of other free online storage accounts and are tired of deleting files in order to store new files, you may want to make the switch to the big fat Google cloud today!

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