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Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2018

Adding Image Timestamps

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We recently had a question asked on our Facebook page to see if there was a way to put timestamps on photos taken by the user’s iPhone. 

At first glance, we thought this was a silly request, but upon further review, there are some cool reasons for this old school method of including a visible time stamp, including organizing and verifying for a third party. 

Your smartphone images all contain date and time info in what’s called the ‘metadata’, so an app that reads this hidden info can easily add the requested timestamp to any picture. 

iPhone users can checkout a free app called ‘TimeStamp-It’ while Android users can checkout a free app called Camera Timestamp. 

Both apps will allow you add various font-based time stamps and add it to any of the four corners so you can avoid looking like you are stuck in the last century.