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Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2018

Multiple Browser Troubleshooting Tip

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Cyber-thieves are constantly creating new ways to take advantage of us because we use the Internet on a daily basis.

The web browser is how you navigate most of what’s available online, which is why so many exploits focus on exploiting your browser. 

It's also common to experience various issues with your browser, so today’s tip is a troubleshooting step when issues do pop up. 

Make sure you have two different browsers installed on all your devices so you track down Internet issues more easily. 

The next time you run into an Internet access situation, if you switch to the alternate browser, check to see if the issue goes away. If it does, you’ll know to look into your main browser and try things like clearing your cache or running a deep malware scan. 

If when you change browsers, it doesn't change your problem, then it’s more likely to be an issue with your device, the modem or your router, which should be reset all together. 

Chasing the wrong side of a problem can be quickly avoided if you try this easy troubleshooting process first.