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Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2018

Childproofing iPhones & iPads

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For most households with kids, an iPhone or iPad has become an electronic babysitter of sorts, but allowing a young child to have complete access to your mobile device is pretty risky.

An underutilized option in Apple's operating system can make it easy to protect your sensitive info before you hand it to your child.

It is referred to as 'Guided Access' and it will allow you to completely lock down your device and only allow a single app to run.

Once you turn it on, you simply select the app you want allow, then lock the system to only that app which will keep your child from accessing anything else.

If you want to allow access to a number of apps, using the 'Restrictions' settings to specifically lock down individual apps may be a better way to go.

Both options can be setup relatively quickly using the 'Settings' menu without the need to be very technical.

The how-to links for both options are posted here:
Setup Guided Access:
Setup App Restrictions: