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Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2019

Super Secure Messaging App

Whether you like or despise Edward Snowden, one thing is perfectly clear - he certainly knows about cybersecurity. 

So when Snowden endorses a messaging app that he says is secure that he personally uses, you can count on it being as private as any messaging system gets. 

Snowden’s recommended app is called Signal and it made by Open Whisper Systems for iPhone or Android users. 

Signal allows you to send secure messages using both text and voice and it won’t require you to go through a sign up process to use it. 

The app uses your current phone number and contacts and doesn’t require a separate login or PIN. 

Despite its very sophisticated encryption, the app is super simple to setup and use as your every day messaging app 

The app also determines automatically if your recipient also uses the Signal app, so it will know not to secure messages that are sent to those that don’t have the app. 

If you would like to have a more secure way of messaging, checkout the Signal app at