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Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2019

Complete Network Protection Tip

A vital component to navigating the Internet is something called ‘DNS servers’, which plays an important role in helping you to get to the websites you seek. 

The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as a sort of traffic cop providing your computer with the directions to the websites that you type in your browser. 

The DNS settings you use daily are usually provided by your ISP, but there are benefits to modifying your current settings. 

3rd party DNS servers can improve reliability as well as Internet speeds and for parents, the ability to block adult content or malicious websites throughout your household. 

Our go-to option is called OpenDNS because it is efficient, reliable, truly easy to setup while providing you complete control over what you want to filter out from the users on your network.

We highly recommend changing the DNS settings in the router on your network to improve the performance and protection: