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Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2019

Create Your Own Infographics

There’s a popular visual method of presenting data known as an ‘infographic’ that may seem like a difficult thing to create.

It’s been transforming nearly undigestible data from spreadsheets and long white papers into easily digestible bits of data for years.

If you spend any time of social media or news sites, you have not doubt seen an infographic and assumed that a graphic designer was at work.

It turns out that anyone can make an infographic from any information they want to share at a website called Easelly.

Start with a template or if you’re up to it, create your own design and drag the visual elements that will make your complex data very pleasing to view.

This free tool is for anyone that wants to step up their game in the info presentation process - no design skills required!

Check it out for yourself at