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Original Air Date: Sep 9, 2019

Coding From 'Scratch'

If you have a young child, you’ve likely thought about what you can do to help them become proficient in our increasingly digital world.

One skill that, in my opinion, has become a fundamental must-have for any young person is learning how to code as it translates to value in virtually everything these days.

This isn’t to say that they need to pursue coding as their life’s work, simply that having a solid grasp on how things are created on the Internet and how software is developed will be extremely valuable.

A solid starting point for exposing your child to this skill is at an awesome and free website developed by MIT -

It’s known as the ‘Scratch’ project, because it will help anyone that wants to learn coding to start from scratch. 

All of the skills that need to be understood and developed in any child for their future can begin with this great web tool.

For the record, anyone at any age that want’s to better understand the world of coding should checkout