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Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2019

Slow Motion Athletes App

Anyone that’s serious about improving any form of athletic skill they are working on should be using some form of slow-motion capture technology.

It turns out that we all have a very sophisticated slow-motion capture device in hour hands that just needs an app like the one available from Hudl to get the job done.

It’s the go-to for parents, students and coaches that want to be able to help an athlete improve through frame by frame analysis only available with slow motion.

The app does much more than just capture slow motion as it was specifically designed to help train through annotations and sharing of the videos.

There’s also an option to create a before - after comparison of two videos of the same person or for a comparison with a professional athlete in the same motions.

There’s so much in the app waiting to help coaches and parents point out slight areas that could benefit from corrections at: