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Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2019

Create Your Own Book Club

Most people love their technology but also like the tactile feel of reading a good book.

Discovering great new books to read from others is helpful no matter what genre or topic tends to be your favorites to read. 

There are lots of websites that use algorithms to suggest new books solely based on the books that you have already liked or read, but there’s an alternative that takes advantage of other humans called Good Reads.

Good Reads is one of many that uses a suggestion-bot based on what you’ve have enjoyed in the past, but it also offers you the ability to hook up with friends to see what they are reading…kind of what Spotify does with songs that you friends are listening to.

Whichever online method you use to get new book recommendations, it’s far more efficient than randomly roaming the isles of a book store hoping to score a solid read.

To really make the site perform at its best, you can gather a group of your fellow bookworms to create you own private online book club.

There are also public discussion groups that anyone can join to learn more from other at