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Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2019

Online and Offline Invitations

Whenever you plan a big gathering or event, you have to figure out how you are going to invite everyone and keep track of who’s coming.

A quick search online will provide you with a plethora of options for sending online invitations with all of the tracking that’s very helpful, but what if you want it to be more personalized and special?

Sending out beautiful physical invitations through the mail really makes a statement since so much of it is done electronically these days.

The problem with making that decision is that it creates a lot more work for you, because you have to collect the mailing addresses, pick out the paper and envelope and select a design that fits the event.

For those occasions, there’s a really cool online option called Paperless Posts that can help you with both online and physical invitations.

Because both of the options are combined at the same site, you can use their online tools to gather the info you need for the offline invitations.

You can design everything on their website of through their iOS app