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Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2019

Unique Tech Gift Idea

There’s a first world problem that most of us that love technology experience on a regular basis: not having a convenient way to charge our devices around the house.

Even if you live alone, unless you’ve purchased wall chargers for all of the prime locations around your house, you either have to wait until you’re going to another room to charge or move the charger from another location.

You may be able to pull off the single location charging station but most of us can’t.

For those that would like an inexpensive way to charge their smartphone just about anywhere in the house, there’s a solution from a company called Snap Power.

Their solution is simple: just replace any wall plate with their replacement plate that includes USB ports while still allowing a regular charger to be plugged into the outlet.

It’s an elegant, simple to install solution that could make charging anywhere in the house a SNAP!

Your new world of charging awaits you at