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Original Air Date: Aug 21, 2013

Traveling with dogs

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It’s time for another Data Doctors’ Tech Tip.

If you have a dog and like to take your furry buddy along when you travel, you know you have to spend some time making sure wherever you are headed is dog friendly.

Dog friendly hotels are just the beginning of the research; how about do friendly restaurants or dog friendly public transportation?

How about finding local dog parks, dog beaches or dog friendly tour operators?

If you’re dog crazy and want to find a treasure trove of dog friendly travel information, check out

Their city guides will help you find pet friendly hotels, attractions, campgrounds, parks, beaches, outdoor restaurants and their highway guides will help you chart a cross country trip with all the pet friendly hotels along the way.

Need to learn what’s involved in domestic or international air travel for your four legged best friend? It’s all there at

Want to know which rental car companies are more tolerant of pets and which ones are more restrictive? Yep,…the name says it all