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Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2020

Picture Time Stamp Apps

We had someone post a question for us on our Data Doctors Facebook page asking about a way to add a timestamp on their photos.

If your first reaction is to wonder why someone would want to make their pictures look like they were from another century, you’re not alone.

But it turns out there are some pretty solid reasons that you may want a timestamp on certain photos, like verification for others or to make sure the details never get separated from the photo itself.

Every image you capture actually contains a lot of details about the image in what’s known as the metadata, including the date and time.

There are apps that can read this metadata and place it on the photo for you, including TimeStamp-It for iOS or Camera Timestamp for Android-based smartphones.

Unlike the timestamps you may remember from years ago, these apps have an updated look and feel to the timestamp that’s much more modern.