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Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2020

Remote Power Cycling Tip

There are so many smart devices available that are simple to setup these days, that most people are adding them themselves.

One critical aspect of these devices is that you have a solid Wi-Fi connection at all times in order for them to work properly.

If there’s any issues with connectivity, your ability to remotely access the devices or get updates from them goes away.

For the most part, the first step in troubleshooting these issues start with a reboot of your router, which isn’t a possibility if you or someone else is not at the physical location.

You can check the settings menus of your router to see if you can setup a reboot on a regular basis, but another piece of equipment called a remote power switch can make this more convenient.

With one in place, you can remotely restart anything that’s plugged into it and in some cases, you can have the device constantly check for an internet connection and auto reset when it’s not working.

There are a handful of other troubleshooting steps you can take if you’re constantly having to reboot your router that I’ve posted at: