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Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2020

NASA's Awesome Apps

When I was a youngster, my parents told me that I’d make a good astronaut because I had a lot of space in my head!

One thing is for sure, I’ve always been fascinated with space exploration which is why I love what NASA has done to allow us all to share in their work.

Not only do they have an amazing website with amazing pictures, video and animations, they over a variety of apps for smartphones, tablets and streaming devices.

With over 16 thousand images and 14 thousand videos and 3D models of earth taken from the International Space Station, it’s an endless source of discovery for the curious.

You can watch live streaming video from the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment and get notifications of an upcoming space event.

If you have kids or grandkids, this app is a wonderful way to discover and learn about space together

Just visit and click on the Download menu to access all of the apps that make space exploration interactive and fun