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Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2020

Older Router Exploit

Most of us view our Wi-Fi routers as the device that allows us to connect to the Internet wirelessly, but it plays a much more important security role as well.

It’s a form of firewall that shields the devices connected to it from direct access via the Internet.

If you have an older router, there’s a security step that most of you probably haven’t taken as it pertains to the default administrator’s password.

The admin password is what allows you to configure the router and make changes that affect every device that attaches to it.

The bad guys don’t have to guess what your default password is, because helpful sites like have every default password for every router on the market in their database.

If a hacker sends a clever email message that’s booby-trapped to sneak into your router and you fall for it, they can make changes to your settings without you ever knowing.

The biggest risk is that they can capture all of the traffic that goes through the router, including usernames and passwords for lots of your online accounts.

Because this isn’t traditional malware, your Internet security software is powerless to stop this type of threat.

It’s actually very easy to avoid becoming a victim of this attack by simply changing the default password on your router, so if that’s too complicated for you to figure out, get some help!