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Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2020

Red Cross Emergency Apps

When a loved one or even a stranger goes into a condition of medical distress near you, jumping into action quickly can be essential.

Knowing how to administer CPR or other life-saving techniques is something we should all know, but many of us don’t.

Knowing some basic first aid techniques can be helpful for a variety of situations, not just those that are life and death.

If you’d like to get some help understanding what to do and when to do it, there are lots of apps that you can use, such as those available from the Red Cross.

Pre-installing a first aid app on your smartphone is a solid approach to being there one someone else needs you.

These apps don’t require an Internet connection, so the advice is there even when you are off the grid.

It’s not an everyday app, but I think it warrants being at your fingertips since none of us know when we will be called upon to help another person.

Check out all of the Red Cross apps at: