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Original Air Date: May 13, 2020

Happiness Tracking App

Striving for happiness is something we all would like to aspire to, but we could all use a little help with staying focused.

Would you believe that there’s an iPhone app for that?

An app developed for doctoral research at Harvard University called ‘Track Your Happiness’ set out to discover what it was that made people happy.

The app helps you track your happiness, which in turn helps them understand the various factors that actually make you happy.

The way it works is through alerts you’ll get a couple of times a day that asks you how you are feeling at that precise moment.

Your responses combined with various other elements helps the app figure out what it is that allows you to be happy.

It’s also helping the researchers collect real-world data that can help them better understand the happiness that we all seek.

A byproduct of the app is that it seems to help users to focus on happiness, which could be just as powerful as the data.

Learn more at or Android users can use their web app at: