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Original Air Date: May 21, 2020

iPad Programming App for Kids

It’s no secret that kids aren’t afraid of technology and take to it at a very early age, which could lead to much bigger things if they are given structured ways to learn.

Teaching any child programming skills will have a dramatic impact on their future potential and you can get them started before they can even type!

There is a free iPad app made specifically for children ages 9-15 that will get them started by creating games and animations.

Typing skills aren’t needed because Hopscotch is a visual programming language that they’ll take to right away.

The drag and drop interface allows your child to build programs with blocks of pre-written programming code.

Developing a tech-savvy child in today’s digital economy will result in so many more options as they enter the workforce.

This may be aimed at children but any adult that wants to learn the basics can use it too.

The best part is that mom and dad don’t need to be computer geeks to raise a computer geek any more!

Download this free app at: