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Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2020

'Must Have' Security Tip

By now, you’ve heard repeatedly about something called two-factor authentication, which is one of the best things that anyone can use to protect their online accounts.

This security approach requires two different ways to authenticate you, just like your debit card AND PIN are required in order to get money from an ATM.

If your debit card didn’t require a PIN, it would be so much easier for thieves to steal your money and the same is true for your online accounts.

This simple step once activated makes it much more difficult for cyber thieves because they would have to get their hands on your username and password as well as swipe your smartphone and unlock it.

An additional benefit is that it serves as an early warning system because you’ll get a random text message when someone else tries to use your account.

This security step is available on thousands of online accounts, but you’ll need to set it up one time for each of your accounts.

A handy resource for finding the specifics for each of your accounts is located at: