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Original Air Date: Jul 24, 2020

iCloud Alternative for Photos & Videos

The ‘Cloud’ is simply a non-technical reference to the Internet and storing your important files in the cloud is possible from a large number of companies.

For the most part, the basic version of their storage accounts are free but have a storage limit so they can pitch their pay services to you for more space.

As long as you aren’t a voracious smartphone photographer or videographer, the storage limits may be more than you need.

For those that are constantly taking pictures and videos and want to back up to the Internet automatically, today’s tip is for you.

Although Google is the company that created the Android smartphone platform, they offer their Photo app and service to either iPhone or Android users.

All you have to do is install the app and tell it to start backing up your photos and videos automatically, generally when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

The best part is that the storage is unlimited as long as you are OK with a small amount of compression. Learn more at: