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Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2012

Better Battery Life For New Smartphones

Lots of you got new smartphones yesterday, and we know how exciting a new device can be.

But we also know how disappointing it is, when the thing dies after just a short amount of time.

Now that you have your shiny new smartphone in your hand, lets make some basic adjustments to make the battery life last longer.

First, adjust your brightness. Many people keep their screens so bright, an airplane can use it as a beacon. If it’s so bright it lights up a dark room, turn it down. Set it to read it comfortably then let it auto adjust.

Now for your WiFi... connect to the few networks you need, but don’t have it search for networks continuously. Turn it off.  Also, turn off your bluetooth when you’re not using it. Uneeded wireless features running in the background drain your battery.

Finally, you know those annoying, random and never ending dings you hear on other people's phones? That’s because they are letting their phones push emails and Facebook updates to them. This constant push drains the battery unnecessarily. Instead, set it so your phone gets your email and other updates when you open the app.