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Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2013


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It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip

You’ve heard us proclaim our love of Google’s Gmail as the premier webmail system in the past, but there’s a feature that not too many Gmail users seem to know about.

It’s the instant communication feature called Gchat that will let you instantly message or even call your friends and co-workers right from the Gmail interface.

Google’s aim is to allow you to communicate on various platforms from a single screen and to make this tool even more useful, it now works with your contacts that are using which is Microsoft’s online mail system.

If you use Gmail, take a look at the bottom left corner of your screen for a black conversation bubble and click it to get started.

You’ll need to invite the people you want to chat with to connect with you, which also allows you to control how many people are in your chat circles.