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Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2020

A Unique Way to Print Pictures

We’re all creating so many amazing images with our smartphones these days, but the vast majority of them will fade away unless we decide to print them and mount them on a wall.

Standard picture frames are an obvious option, but if you really want to make the images stand out, consider printing them on glass!

Those highly explosive looking images that used to only be seen in art galleries are a great and easy option for all of us.

The company that I’ve used for creating special memories for myself or friends and family is called Fracture and they’ve made it easy and affordable to create pictures on glass.

In just a few minutes, you can upload and crop your favorite images that can be as small as 5x7 up to really large options that start at under $20.

Their process will print your image on the back of the glass, then apply a protective coating on the back and ship it to your in specially designed packaging.

Any form of lighting, natural or from a fixture will make your pictures jump from your walls, so if you're looking for a unique printed picture option, learn more at: