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Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2020

Back That Thang Up!

We’ve been providing data recovery services for decades, so we’ve heard just about every story you can imagine that led to someone needing our help.

The one recovery we can’t ever accomplish is when the only copy of a file is on a device that gets lost or stolen.

Over the years, we’ve had lots of college students and even some professors come to us hoping we can find an old version of a paper they’ve been working on for years.

One student, whose laptop was stolen, offered a $1000 reward not for the return of their laptop, but for the single file that was his thesis.

A simple backup wouldn’t have helped with the pain of a stolen laptop, but it would have at least provided comfort that the critical data on the laptop was safe.

A common error we see with folks wanting to backup their data is they buy an external backup drive, then proceed to use it as their primary storage.

If there aren’t at least two copies of a file on two different devices, even if was a simple USB drive, you don’t have a safe backup.

Our recommendation for the greatest protection of your data is an automatic cloud-based backup service such as Carbonite.

If you know that you aren’t protecting your data, consider this an incentive to avoid the potential pain of data loss!