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Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2020

Don't Be Part of the E-waste Problem

Electronic devices continue to be amongst the most popular holiday gifts, which in many cases means that an older device is being replaced.

What happens to that old device is very important as they all contain some form of toxic material that will contaminate our landfills if they are simply trashed.

Before looking for an electronic recycling program, check around with charities, schools are even others in your circle to see if the older device can be repurposed.

In the event no one has a use for it, be sure you find a legitimate option for recycling electronics so the toxic waste is handled properly.

It’s mind-numbing how many toxic chemicals are used to manufacture our gadgets; they’re some of the most dangerous.

Most people don’t really think about this problem or worse are completely unaware of how many millions of devices get improperly disposed to pollute our groundwater.

Do your part and never throw old electronics in the trash - take the time to find a responsible way to process it when you no longer need it.