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Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2021

Useful Grammar Tools

The immediacy of the Internet often leads to us posting things without reviewing it, which is when we get a notification from those that want everything to be grammatically correct.

Some of the responses may come across as demeaning and usually completely overlooks what you were trying to say.

Using proper grammar is important, so if you’d like a less overbearing way to know when you’ve made an error, check out the tools at

They range from browser plug-ins, desktop programs, mobile apps or a simple web tool for checking for issues.

You’ll get real-time alerts of items that you’ve typed that might need to be reviewed or retyped.

For more focused feedback, you can tell the apps who your intended audiences may be for additional suggestions.

They have both free and premium options, so no matter what level you’re at, the input can be invaluable.

Check it all out at: