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Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2021

Improve Technique With Slo-Mo

Anyone that’s trying to improve their athletic movements has probably seen the expensive technology that pros use to study themselves in slow motion.

Thanks to the incredible technology in an iPhone and an app known as Hudl Technique, you can replicate this helpful process for any athlete.

Coaches, parents or athletes themselves can use the app to study the various motions involved in swinging a bat, golf club or tennis racket in slow motion.

These videos can be shared with coaches or have notes attached if you’re the one helping an athlete to improve their technique.

The ability to place videos on a split-screen to watch for differences in either the same person or compared to how a pro moves is pretty awesome.

There are lots of other useful features in the app that are designed to help anyone looking for those small but significant improvements in their technique to do so.

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