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Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2021

'Cache' Can Be The Problem

As the Internet became a more media-rich environment, the speed at which a page would load also became much slower.

A technique known as caching was incorporated to improve the web experience by retaining previously loaded elements onto the local hard drive.

By eliminating the need to download every item to display a web page, things got much more enjoyable.

There are times when this awesome process can work against you and prevent a page from loading properly.

To prevent this, there is a keyboard shortcut that tells your computer to ignore the cache and download everything from the Internet on a page that you’ve previously visited.

Windows users can press the CTRL and F5 keys together to tell the browser to reload everything from scratch.

Command-Shift-R is the keyboard combination that Mac users use to do the same thing.

If this bypass process allows you to load a page that previously wouldn’t load, it would be advisable to clear your browser's cache - Instructions posted at: