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Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2021

Smartphone App Security App

Malicious apps are one of the biggest threats to your smartphone, which is why it’s always safest to get your apps directly from Apple and Google and avoid bypassing the security built into your smartphone.

‘Jailbreaking’ or ‘rooting’ is something that techies like to do, which allows them to remove the protection and install apps from anywhere which puts them at a higher risk.

That was the case until the latest scams that have found a way to sneak malicious apps onto a phone even if it hasn’t been modified by the user.

It starts with a social media post, text message or email bestowing the magnificence of a new app with a link for you to give it a try for free.

The link actually launches a process to attempt to exploit your smartphone with your permission.

It’s always best to take a pass on an app unless you have specifically gone looking for it.

Your friend’s compromised accounts can also send you these malicious links, so even when it seems to be from a trusted friend, be very wary.

One way to tighten the security on any smartphone is to have a virtual set of eyes overseeing all of the typical activities that can lead to an exploit through apps such as Lookout!